Oklahoma Strategic Initiative

The Oklahoma Strategic Initiative is a joint effort by District Vice-President McGhee and the International Association of Fire Fighters to increase the membership of its locals in the state of Oklahoma.

This page is designed to provide resources for leaders to keep current members engaged and to recruit new members.

Immediate Resources

What’s Our Union Doing For Us? Infographics that show the value of the IAFF – Click here

IAFF Quarterly Mini Issue – Fire Ground Safety and Survival – Download

IAFF Quarterly Mini Issue – IAFF Center  of Excellence – Download

IAFF Quarterly Mini Issue – GPS Cancer – Download

IAFF Quarterly Mini Issue- Disaster Relief – Download

IAFF Stewards Manual- Download

IAFF Union Administration Manual- Download

IAFF Union Administration Manual Overview- Download

Initiative to Date - Locals

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General Resources


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Green with white flag- IAFF Local

White X with Black background- More than 100 member potential

White P with RED background- 51-100 member potential

White P with PURPLE background- 25-50 member potential

White P with ORANGE background- Less than 25 potential members.


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