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Download and print the following resources to show your members the value of the IAFF:


Why We Fight


Center of Excellence

Fireground Survival

EMS in the Fire Service


Disaster Relief


Peer Support Training



Members ask all the time … “What’s the IAFF doing for me?” And while our union leaders don’t always take credit for the work they do for their members – just as fire fighters never want to brag about the job they do every day assisting the public – the question deserves an answer.

The following “What’s Our Union Doing for Us?” infographics and videos provide a space for the IAFF to answer that question, over and over.




There are several benefits to joining the IAFF. However, it’s not just the individual fire fighter who benefits through forming a chartered IAFF Local.  The IAFF offers several services that benefit both the agency that our members work for as well as the citizens they serve. The list below offers a snapshot of those benefits offered to the individual member, the technical assistance available to a chartered Local, and resources available to agencies with a chartered Local.


Individual Membership Benefits


Technical Expertise Offered to Chartered Locals


Technical Expertise Offered to Chartered Local that Support Service Delivery and Department Operations


Training Opportunities