Print, Broadcast, and Internet Awards 2015

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Best Fire Service Photo (Unpublished)

First Place

“Firing Out”
Photo by John Burningham
Submitted by Santee, CA Local 4373

This picture highlights the urgency felt by members of Santee, CA Local 4373 as they protext both the public and natural resrouces from the threat of fire.

Second Place

Photo by Kenneth Labelle
Submitted by North Attleboro, MA Local 1992

A North Attleboro fire fighter works a four-alarm fire during a January blizzard.

Honorable Mention

“Happy Fourth of July”
Photo by Glenn Duda
Submitted by Bridgeport, CT Local 834

A three-story house goes up in flames on July 4 amid a blcok party that featured fireworks.

Honorable Mention

“On the Scene”
Photo by Anthony Miccicke
Submitted by Reading, PA Local 1803

A Reading, PA Local 1803 fire fighter at the helm of the turntable of Tower 1 during a four-alarm building fire.

Honorable Mention

Photo by Kenneth Labelle
Submitted by Attleboro, MA Local  848

Members of Attleboro Local 848 extinguish a four-alarm fire in a historic building during a January blizzard. The fire reached the roof and eventually destroyed the building.

Best Photo (Published)

First Place

“Plea for Help”
Photo by Mike Meadows
Submitted by Los Angeles City,CA Local 112

A fire fighter comforts a frightened civilian after the young man and two other passengers were trapped in a car on a busy Los Angeles City street.

Second Place

“Save My Babies”
Photo by Kate Donahue
Submitted by Elizabeth, NJ Local 2040

When Ladder Company 1 responded to an arson fire at a five-story apartment building, fire fighters heard a woman scream, “Save my babies,” as she held two children from a fourth floor window. Fire fighters rescued the family to safety.

Honorable Mention

“Fully Involved”
Photo by Mike Meadows
Submitted by Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

This photo highlights the daily dangers fire fighters face and the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Honorable Mention

“Fire Guts Duplex”
Photo by Larry Stegall, Kitsap Sun
Submitted by Bremerton, WA Local 437

A Bremerton, WA Local 437 fire fighter prepares to supply water to an early Sunday morning duplex fire.

Honorable Mention

“Hitting the Voids”
Photo by John Tulipana, Statter 911
Submitted by West Chicago, IL Local 3970

Fire fighters from 12 fire departments in DuPage and Kane counties assisted the West Chicago Fire Protection District at a three-alarm fire at a single family home. Fire companies found fires in the walls near the front of the house, with the fire spreading rapidly to the exterior portion of the Victorian-style roof.

Honorable Mention

“Watson Fire Cat”
Photo by Joe Gibbons, The Telegram
Submitted by St. John’s, NL Local 1075

Fire fighters rescured occupants in a house fire before finding a cat that appeared lifeless. After giving the cat oxygen and water, the animal moved and was taken to a veterinary hospital before making a full recovery.

Honorable Mention

“Working Apartment Fire on Ash Street”
Photo by Shane MacKichan, New Westminster Newsleader
Submitted by New Westminster, BC Local 256

New Westminster fire fighters battle an apartment fire on a January night.

Best News Story, Series, or Feature


“Photo of Boston fire fighter James Plourde carrying injured woman”
Photo by Ken McGagh,AP Photo/Metro West
Submitted by Boston, MA Local 718

Boston, MA Local 718 member James Plourde was one of the first responders on the scene of the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, 2013. He carries an injured woman from the finish line to safety.

Second Place Tie

“Portrait of a Hero”
Produced by Amanda Hoelzeman, Little Rock Soiree Magazine
Submitted by Little Rock, AR Local 34

By acting quickly and administering CPR, LIttle Rock Local 34 member Jack Hancock Jr. saved his father’s life. He was honored by the American Red Cross for his efforts.

Second Place Tie

Series of articles on issues in the fire service (produced by multiple authors and outlets)
Submitted by Toronto, ON Local 3888

Local 3888 submitted a series of effective stories that address issues important to the fire service.

Honorable Mention

“Two Few Firefighters, Too Much Risk, Critics Say”
Produced by Livi Stanford, Daily Commercial
Submitted by Lake County, FL Local 3990

This article explains important national standards and opens the eyes or citizens and local leaders about fire department staffing.

Honorable Mention

“PPE by the Numbers”
Produced by Joel Calfee, Fire Rescue Magazine and
Submitted by Houston, TX Local 341

The author delivers an instightful article on PPE and reminds his readers that puchasing equipment is an important decision – one that can save a fire fighter’s life.

Special Recognition

Series of articles exploring the resources needed to battle wildfires
Produced by Alan J. Neuhauser, U.S. News and World Report
Submitted by Alan J. Neuhauser

Wildfires are costly natural disasters that can disrupt — or destroy — life, property and natural resources quickly and mercilessly. Alan J. Neuhauser’s series in U.S. News and World Report shines a light on the intersection of science and public policy and explains how political decisions can affect — for good or bad — the vital funding that fire departments receive to battle such calamities.

Best Television News Story, Feature, or Documentary

First Place Tie

“Washington, DC Fire Ops 101 Part 1 and 2”
Produced by Mark Segraves, NBC4 News
Submitted by Washington, DC Local 36

A fire ops video goes in depth in extreme and critical situations to describe how fire fighters deal with extreme temperatures and low oxygen.

First Place Tie

“A Day in the Life of a Dayton Firefighter”
Produced by Katie Ussin, WDTN Channel 2 News
Submitted by Dayton, OH Local 136

Good soundbites and visuals highlight why reliable equipment is important to save lives. The video also shows the dedication fire fighters have to their profession.

Second Place Tie

“Jordan’s Wish”
Produced by Bog Segall, WTHR
Submitted by Indianapolis, IN Local 416

In this feel-good story, fire fighters grant five-year-old Jordan McLinn’s Christmas wish of joining the ranks. Jordan suffers from a variation of muscular dystrophy called Duchenne muscular dystrophy. The youngster submitted his resume, interviewed and was called to duty by the Indianapolis Fire Department.

Second Place Tie

“Helping Hand”
Produced by Alex Di Prato, David Hunt and Brad Friedkin, 7 News
Submitted by Broward, FL Local 4321

Broward County fire fighters go above and beyond the call of duty to help residents in their community who lost their homes to fire.

Honorable Mention

“Quincy, MA Local 792 Fire Ops 101”
Produced by Mark CosbyQuincy Access Television
Submitted by Quincy, MA Local 792

Quincy fire fighters conducted a Fire Ops 101 event for elected officials, decision makers, community leaders and journalists in November 2014. The event was covered by the city’s local newspaper and local community cable television.

Honorable Mention

“Who Do You Play For?”
Produced by Morgan Adsit, Baltimore Fox 45
Submitted byBaltimore, MD Local 734

This story shows the dedication of Baltimore fire fighters who play a charity hockey game to help raise funds for the brother of a member of Baltimore Local 734 who suffers from brain cancer.