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Application for Certificate as a Local to the IAFFAFLCIOCLC (PDF)

Application for Certificate as a Local to the IAFF, AFL-CIO-CLC (Autoform)​ (Prototype)

Application for Membership (PDF)

Application for Membership (Autoform) (Coming Soon)

Sample IAFF Constitution and By-Laws

Sample Municipal Financial Analysis

IAFF Constitution and By-Laws

Atwood’s Rules For Meetings

IAFF Stewards Manual

Grievance Arbitration Manual

Summary of Policies Governing Assistance provided by the IAFF General Counsel’s Office



New locals are encouraged to have a strategic plan developed to help them in their first year. This plan will outline goals and objectives in an effort to create and sustain a viable and powerful affiliates. To have a strategic plan developed for a new local you are chartering, please contact Mark Treglio at [email protected] or 202-368-7315.



Local Union Administration Overview
This manual includes information on the duties of each local union officer, as well as responsibilities of the executive board and other committees in your local. Get acquainted with the various services and assistance available from the IAFF.

Local Union Administration
This manual addresses organizing union meetings, choosing leadership styles, recruiting union volunteers and other tips for accomplishing your union goals.

Local Union Financial Report
This yearly report should be prepared and certified by the local union trustees. The report is due within 180 days after the close of the local’s fiscal year.

Local Union Financial Responsibilities
This document lists the duties of the local union secretary-treasurer, secretary and treasurer and covers the financial responsibilities of the local. The document also provides guidance on managing day-to-day operations.

Manual of Common Procedures
This manual provides a detailed description of the responsibilities of the principal officers. The manual is provided so that important functions such as initiating candidates for union membership, installing officers, conducting meetings and the administration of local affiliates will be uniform throughout the IAFF.

The 2019 Fire Fighters Issues Book
This briefing book is intended to provide a better understanding of policy issues in Congress impacting professional fire fighters and emergency medical personnel this year.

Model Contract Language Manual
This manual provides actual examples of contract language extracted from IAFF local union agreements to assist IAFF affiliates in preparing their contract proposals and drafting collective bargaining agreements. Sample language contained within this book is broken down into three categories: (1) boiler plate language (2) economic and benefit language and (3) miscellaneous language.



On Message: Effective Communications for IAFF Affiliates

IAFF Internet Manual: The Law and the Internet for IAFF Affiliates 

Social Media Guidelines

Using IAFF Online Toolkits

​​Quick Tricks for Shooting Usable iPhone Video



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