Ground Rules

The IAFF Honor Guard and Massed Pipe and Drum Band continue to grow with more than 1,000 members participating in the annual Memorial ceremony in Colorado Springs. To maintain the solemnity of the ceremony and to ensure the quality of the band, the following ground rules are established:

  • IAFF Membership: This is an IAFF Memorial; all members of the Honor Guard and Massed Band must be members in good standing. If you have a civilian or sworn public safety officer associated with your Honor Guard or band, and you wish that member to participate at the Memorial, your Honor Guard Commander and/or Pipe Major must present a letter to the IAFF Honor Guard Commander or IAFF Pipe Major from the local acknowledging that the individual in question will be representing the local. This letter must be presented prior to the Honor Guard and Pipe and drum meeting on Thursday evening.
  • Registration: All individuals participating in the Memorial on Saturday afternoon must be registered for the event and should be able to show proof of that registration on request.
  • Alcohol: At no time during the Memorial weekend will open containers of alcohol be tolerated at Memorial Park.
  • Tent City: Tent City will remain on the athletic field within the assigned boundaries. For security purposes, nothing should be left overnight. Camping in city parks is against city ordinance. Trailers and vehicles will not be allowed to park directly next to the upper field, in the street or in the dirt lot below the Memorial. Due to the limited space in the parking lot, it may be necessary to limit the amount of space each unit may occupy.
  • Buying and Selling: There will be no selling of anything during the ceremony, including the distribution of food. Please remember that we do not want anything to distract families or take away from the solemn tone of the Memorial.

Questions regarding these ground rules should be addressed to:

Bruce Brown
IAFF Honor Guard Commander [email protected]
(714) 651-7004

Hunter Schappaugh
Pipe Major, IAFF Massed Pipes [email protected]
(713) 417-8348