IAFF/IAFC Wellness Fitness Initiative to Release Best Practices Study

June 17 • 2022

The IAFF/IAFC Fire Service Joint Labor Management Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI) is nearing 26 years of collaboration between fire department management and union leaders with an overall goal of improving the health of fire fighters.

Join us at the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ Fire-Rescue International Conference in San Antonio, Texas on August 25, 2022. Members of the Initiative, including IAFF Deputy Director Grady Valencis, IAFC Fire Program Manager Richard Miller, UC-Davis, CA Fire Department Chief Nathan Trauernicht, Dr. Sara Jahnke from the National Development and Research Institutes, Dr. David Frost from the University of Toronto and Dr. Kerry Kuehl from the Oregon Health and Science University will present “National Fire Service Study on the Wellness-Fitness Initiative and Current Best Practices.”

This FEMA-funded study includes small, medium and large fire departments from the United States and Canada, and focuses on successes and challenges of both management and labor, and how they have developed innovative solutions and best practice guidelines for implementation of the WFI system.

The presentation will:

  • Prepare labor and management to become wellness, health, fitness and nutrition champions
  • Prepare the fire service for a variety of wellness and fitness educational opportunities
  • Provide fire departments with tools and information targeted technologies for wellness and fitness
  • Provide leaders from labor and management with new information on wellness and fitness best practices

Attendees will be able to engage the panel about how best to implement within their fire department the lessons learned from the study.

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