Disaster Relief Response COVID-19 Precautions

  • Mandatory mask usage indoors regardless of vaccine status
  • Maintain social distancing
  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Self-monitor for symptoms (If you become symptomatic during the deployment, notify the IAFF Incident Commander, place yourself into isolation as best as you can, and if possible, get RT-PCR test)
  • 3-5 days post deployment get a RT-PCR Test and if positive report to the IAFF Incident Commander

Safety Precautions

  • When setting up generators, place them on the downwind side of the structure away from doors, windows, and other openings in the structure to prevent the accumulation of carbon monoxide building up within the structure
  • When operating chain saws be sure to use extreme caution and use all safety precautions.
  • Be aware of downed electrical wires or wires entangled in trees or branches.
  • Be cognizant of flash flooding when traveling