Saginaw, Michigan Local 102 is pushing back on a consultant’s report to merge fire and police services.

DC-based consultant Leonard Matarese, a former cop and Director of Research and Public Safety Programs at the  International City/County Management Association, told Saginaw city leaders over the weekend the current system for police and fire services aren’t sustainable.

Matarese says combining the two departments would increase efficiency in fire response services and that the cross–training will help communities cut costs.

Tom Raines, president of Local 102, calls the consultant’s report a bunch of baloney.  “The stuff (he) is spewing is not only anti-union, but anti- fire.”

IAFF affiliates should be wary of ICMA and Matarese because they have been used by other municipalities – with similar results.

Two years ago, fire fighters and community leaders in Arizona rejected one of their studies regarding changes to personnel shifts because of flawed data. In fact, the data in the report were not even from the city for which the report was issued.

IAFF affiliates should keep their community informed about the quality of services that fire fighters and paramedics provide.  IAFF leaders and their chiefs should know more about their services than any outside consultant.

Be pro-active against these types of negative attacks from paid ‘consultants’ who have never worked in the fire service.