Scott Walker, the guy who took collective bargaining rights away from most public workers in Wisconsin, is at it again.

Walker, who is in a tough re-election fight to keep his job, is performing strong armed-tactics using healthcare to extort concessions from fire fighters.

Fire fighters and police were exempted from the egregious plot to divide workers in Wisconsin three years ago that and which resulted in workers no longer having a strong voice at the negotiating table as a part of the passage of Act 10 – supported and passed by the Wisconsin legislature.

As first responders currently come together to negotiate for fair wages and safety resources – Walker is using healthcare as ransom – proposing that our members assume total healthcare contribution costs. If fire fighters and police don’t agree, Walker says municipalities will have no choice but to reduce wages and staffing as a part of Act 10. Healthcare costs could average up to $2,500 per month and put an unnecessary burden on workers who are already struggling in the state to make ends meet.

Walker, an enemy to workers and public sector unions everywhere, declared his administration would create 250,000 new jobs in the state during his first term.

Wisconsin ranked 37th among states for private sector growth, and since Walker has been in office the state has lagged behind other mid-western states in job growth.

Let’s hope Wisconsin voters wake up and see Walker for what he really is — a leader beholden to special interests and not to the citizens of the state.

Walker has not made life better for the citizens of Wisconsin, but has divided the state with his negative brand of politics.