It’s been a week for politicians to put their foot when it comes to expressing their views on public workers.

With 14 million Americans are unemployed and nearly 15,000 fire fighter and paramedic positions lost, targeted for elimination or left unfilled, Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell received the ire of fire fighters this week when he tried to explain why he didn’t support a $35 billion jobs bill that would have helped thousands of teachers, police and fire fighters get back to work.

“It’s not my job to prevent fire fighter and police layoffs,” he said, maintaining that saving emergency responders from unemployment shouldn’t be a federal responsibility because “America can’t afford to be bailing out states.”

Many IAFF Facebook fans disagree. Here are some of the comments posted on our Facebook page.

Elected to Congress, but does not want to work for the people.”

So they can’t bail out states, but they can bail out banks and businesses?”

Uh, yes it IS his job? What the hell is his job? Taking money from special interest and lobbyists… oh, wait, that is his job. Stupid me…”

In Ohio, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited a phone bank to rally support for Issue 2, but refused to take a position when asked about it.

Romney endorsed Issue 2 in June on his Facebook page.

Romney’s about face got plenty of people talking on our social networks.

I will not support any politician that does not support me and my family. I will vote no on issue 2 and against all those that are for it.”

Of course he backpedaled, he realized what a hot button issue this is, even though he supported it back in June, and he still is trying to run for president.”

Several polls published suggest the unpopular collective bargaining bill is headed for repeal on Nov. 8 referendum.