All eyes are on Indiana as Right-to-Work legislation continues to be debated.

Opponents of the legislation are pushing for a referendum in November for voters to decide whether to enact the measure that would prevent private employee unions from seeking contracts that mandate all workers pay union fees regardless of whether they are members.

Indiana IAFF members are not affected by this legislation as it only targets private sector employee unions, but it could set the stage for future attacks on union rights that would adversely affect both private and public sector workers. Indianapolis will host this year’s Super Bowl and the National Football League Players Association has given its support to workers.

As the presidential primary season is in full swing, presidential candidates are expressing their views on Right to Work.

See what they had to say and how their positions could ultimately affect your state.

In a recent debate in South Carolina, former Pennsylvania Senator Governor Rick Santorum admitted he voted against right to work legislation because his state was against it. He says he supports right to work and would support a federal right to work law.

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney says he supports right to work legislation on a state level. In August, Romney told a reporter that he would not push for a federal right-to-work law. “If there were to be a federal right-to-work law that reached my desk, I would support it,” Romney said. “But the right approach is a state by state approach at this stage.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry says he is in favor of right to work legislation because it spurs job creation. In comments to the New Hampshire state legislature late last year, Perry told his audience, “If you pass into law a right- to-work law, you may join my home state and take over the title of the state that’s creating more jobs in America than any place in this country.”

Texas Congressman Ron Paul has criticized Romney for not supporting a national right to work law and Santorum for voting against it in his state when the issue was debated and Perry for approving a bill for public safety.

Former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Newt Gingrich supports a national right to work law and believes the National Labor Relations Board should be defunded.

Right to work is a major issue with states like Kentucky monitoring the outcome of Indiana’s vote and Michigan has been in the headlines lately  about considering legislation (despite the denials from Governor Rick Snyder who says the issue is not on his agenda).

The New Hampshire state legislature is debating right to work and could be the first state in the Northeast to pass legislation. The New Hampshire House of Representatives passed a bill two weeks ago and the bill has now moved to the Senate.

Right to work laws reduces wages and benefits for workers and politicians should be doing more that would uplift families.