The 113th Congress sure has its priorities straight.

This week, Congress will vote on legislation that would allow private sector employers to stop giving workers any extra pay for overtime work.

HR 1406 is a “friendly attack” on workers — making mandatory overtime less expensive for employers to maintain the 40-hour work week (and help keep workers on the job longer).

Ten years ago, workers stood together to defeat the bill in the House of Representatives.

Now workers are getting ready for round two.

Attacks on the middle class don’t stop there.

Earlier this month, House Republicans passed HR 1120, a bill that essentially freezes all activities of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that require a full quorum.

It would also bar the NLRB from enforcing any decisions it has made since January 2012 when President Obama made recess appointments to the board.

This is an effort to gut the NLRB and to muffle the voices of workers. The board seeks to remedy unfair labor practices.

And last week in the House of Representatives voted 250-159 in favor of a bill that would allow federal agencies to fire employees who owed back taxes.  The bill failed only because it was being considered under a special parliamentary procedure that requires 2/3 majority for passage.

Those who voted the bill down say it unfairly targets civil servants. They also say it would do more harm than good – what if an employee is fired because of the bill and still can’t pay taxes?

Congress should get its priorities straight and stop pushing legislation that hurts the middle class. Instead, Congress can do more by helping to approve programs that will create more jobs for working people.

America needs to do more to protect its middle class.