Written by the IAFF’s Education and Training Team

When responding to a fire or medical emergency it is critical that IAFF members are equipped with the resources they need to affect a successful outcome.

If you haven’t already, take a moment to visit our Education and Training web page.You will find information on first responder training and other resources that will help you while on the frontline.

You’ll find resources to help you respond at scenes of emergencies involving hazardous chemicals, how you can reduce injuries or fatalities within your department and you can earn a certification in peer fitness training.

In addition, you will find other resources to help build your skills as an affiliate leader and with the support of one of our higher education partners the National Labor College (NLC), IAFF members may also be eligible to apply for course credit in fire service and EMS training in a bachelor’s or graduate degree program. And coming soon will be our associate degree program with Penn Foster College.  Active members will be able to enroll in an A.S. Degree Program in Fire Services as a part of our new collaboration.

As a first responder being prepared for an emergency could mean the difference between life and death.

recent report released by the National Fire Protection Association finds that nearly half (46 percent) of all fire departments that are responsible for structural fire-fighting have not formally trained all their personnel involved in structural fire-fighting. In addition, seven out of ten (70 percent) of fire departments have no program to maintain basic fire fighters health and fitness. NFPA’s study examines the current needs of America’s fire departments as compared to those identified in assessments done in 2001 and 2005.

More has to be done to make sure that fire departments are prepared to provide the necessary protection for their communities.

The IAFF will do its part to ensure its members have the resources needed to do your job effectively and safely.

So please keep up to date on the type of training we provide by visiting our website at www.iaff.org.