Fire fighters put their lives at risk to protect their communities every day.

They are not only at physical risk because of the dangerous work they perform, but also at risk of losing their wages, pension and worker rights.
The IAFF has designed a one-of-a-kind event – Fire Ops 101, to show elected officials, policy makers and the media the importance of the work our members do by making them fire fighters for a day.

At this year’s Netroots Nation in San Jose, California, the IAFF and San Jose IAFF Local 230  are holding a pre-convention Fire Ops 101 June 19 for speakers, bloggers and reporters attending the conference.

Participants will don fire fighter protective clothing (hoods and helmets, turnout coats, pants, boots) strap-on self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and go to work fighting actual fires, working in blackout smoke conditions, extricating victims from vehicles and performing emergency medical care.
Participants will learn what it takes to be a fire fighter and the importance of staffing, equipment and training in getting the job done.

See what last year’s participants said about Fire Ops 101 in Providence, Rhode Island.

We are fired up for this year’s Netroots Nation June 20-23. If you’re attending, stop by the IAFF’s booth at the San Jose Convention Center, check out the BIG FIRE TRUCK, try on some gear and win some prizes.

Most importantly, learn how the IAFF is helping our members put up the good fight to protect public safety, collective bargaining and the middle class.