Over the past two years, IAFF members have fought to make sure they have a voice at the negotiating table by protecting their collective bargaining rights. They’ve fought for their pensions. And they’ve managed to keep the playing field even by turning back legislation that would limit their political speech and activity.

Gallup’s annual Work and Education poll finds a majority of Americans continue to worry about their benefits being reduced as employers keep seeking ways to minimize layoffs. About 40 percent of American workers reported being worried about a benefit reduction.

About 28 percent of Americans say they worry over wage reduction and that same percentage worry about being laid off. In cities like Scranton, Pennsylvania, fire fighters have fought cutbacks and keep pressing on.

Tell us what’s currently the biggest challenge affecting your local?

  • Protecting collective bargaining
  • Protecting benefits
  • Protecting wages
  • Protecting dues deduction
  • Protecting pensions