Ohio Gov. John Kasich really knows how to get one’s blood pressure rising.

The much-talked about union-busting governor is making headlines again this week.

Kasich issued a proclamation on Monday extolling the work of public employees and teachers in particular for Public Service Appreciation Week and Teacher Appreciation Week.

One wonders what he could have been thinking when he issued the proclamation while waging a battle with public employees over collective bargaining rights. And many of you expressed your outrage over the governor’s actions on our social networks describing the proclamation as one big joke.

Here are some of the best comments that were posted on our Facebook Fan Page:

What a joke…I bet he can count on one hand the number of public employees in Ohio that respect him or take him seriously

Seriously we have our very own “week” now? Means soooooooooo much coming from him

Actions speak louder than words! Don’t tell me….show me!

The Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters posted these tweets on Twitter concerning the proclamation:

Kasich declares this “Public Service Appreciation Week.” Ironically, no one in public service appreciates him!

Kasich declares “public service appreciation” week. Public service is what you do, not what you say. A lesson the gov has yet to learn.

Ohio workers have stomached as much of Kasich’s condescending attitude as they can stand and are now working to repeal Senate Bill 5.

The Ohio State legislature passed Senate Bill 5 which was signed by Kasich that limits collective bargaining rights for public employees. Fire fighters are leading efforts to prevent the legislation from becoming permanent law by putting the bill up for public referendum in November and are collecting signatures for a petition to allow the vote.

Keep up to date on what’s happening on the Ohio petition drive by following us on Twitter.

Columbus Local 67Gahanna Local 2818  and the Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters have all posted information on Twitter about SB5 information and where to obtain packets that we’ve recently re-tweeted on the IAFF News Desk.

Also check out this interesting story from PolitiFact Ohio that was circulated via Twitter Tuesday morning.

The group calls out Gov. Kasich for falsely claiming that state workers could receive raises during the current budget crunch.