Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker is wasting no time attacking his potential opponents in an attempt to hold on to his job.

Walker released television ads attacking the two Democratic frontrunners challenging him in the June 5 recall election.

Walker hits Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett on the issue of job creation, unemployment and for Milwaukee’s high school graduation rates.

Walker also targets Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk for raising property taxes, resulting in unemployment rates in her city, he says.

Walker’s political strategy is bewildering since Wisconsin ranks as the worst state for job creation – this is after enacting his controversial collective bargaining law.

He is not the first politician to confuse voters on the issues.

We keep emphasizing how important this election year is for IAFF members, the middle class and all of labor, and encourage members to call out elected leaders for using doublespeak or disingenuous strategies.

Vice President Joe Biden discussed Wisconsin politics on the Ed Show last week, remarking that the state of Wisconsin serves as a national template on how citizens will fight against the spending power of SuperPACS in this year’s election.

The IAFF will do what it can to oust Walker and to help elect Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin President Mahlon Mitchell to the lieutenant governership.

On a side note, Wisconsin lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch said on Fox News that the big corporations that are now shunning ALEC are a “real shame.”

It will be a “real shame” if Wisconsin voters don’t take their state back in June.