Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) raised eyebrows again Monday when it was reported he was proposing a financial martial law in his state.

Forbes. com reported Walker was working on legislation that would allow him to force local governments to submit to a financial stress test that would allow him to take over municipalities that failed to meet his standard of approval.

The move would have allowed the controversial governor to nullify union contracts and maneuver around elected local officials.

The governor’s office denies the legislation. Wisconsin Democrats are skeptical of Walker’s denials.

When we posted the martial law story yesterday, fire fighters were outraged. Some fire fighters likened Walker to a “dictator.”

Last week, Walker admitted in testimony on Capitol Hill that his bill to strip collective bargaining rights from Wisconsin public employees doesn’t save money in the state’s budget.

Fire fighters are under the same assault in Michigan where their union busting governor has already passed similar legislation.