The International Fire Code Hearing is in full swing, the committee has to consider over 400 code change proposals to the Fire Code.

In these last two days fire service representatives, and IAFF members, have testified on behalf of the impact to fire fighter safety on many of these issues. During these hearings the committee has been presented changes regarding:

•    Total rewrite and enhancement of solar voltaic issues centered on fire fighter operations;
•    The removal of abandoned wires in the plenum spaces in buildings. Removing the large fuel load and entrapment hazards for our fire fighters;
•    Fire tests on decorative walls centered on Institutional Occupancies but also including all occupncies and the hazard f rapid fire travel;
•    Protecting the sprinkler requirements in furniture factories and showrooms, where individuals were trying to reverse the sprinkler thresholds the fire service was able to obtain after the devastating fire in Charlestoon.
•    Coordinated NFPA 400 on Hazardous Materials with the Fire Code.

Obviously there were many more issues impacting our members work environment.

With one more day of Fire Code debate the IAFF will remain vigilant as we prepare for the Residential Code Hearings where there are a number of proposed changes attempting to undo the past work of the IAFF in protecting residential construction.