The delegates at the 2010 IAFF Convention sent a clear message – the IAFF logo is to go on United States and Canadian union-made clothing and merchandise only.

Delegates also asked for a place on the IAFF web site where our members could go to find union-made goods and services and information on anti-union companies.

For example, say you wanted to drink union-made beer one evening while sitting at home watching a game on t.v.  In the near future you will be able to go to and see a list of union made beer like this one from Union Plus.

Soon, you will also find information on how the Coors family is funding anti-union, anti-fire fighter measures in Colorado — and if you stopped drinking the family’s beer, your brothers and sisters across that state would be appreciative (this is not an official boycott, it’s just information — you make your own decision about funding the anti-union behavior of the Coors family).

We are now building that site.  You’d think it would be easy, but it turns out there isn’t a store like for union-made stuff (although there should be).  So, we are combing the Internet and will build it with the help of others.

And even after the list is created, we will also continue blogging new, union made lists here.