Union disputes and city politics have taken a nasty turn in Stockton, California.

Union leaders in Stockton’s police and fire departments are being investigated on allegations of misconduct.

Captain Dave Macedo, president of Stockton Local 456, is being investigated for allegedly releasing a document “detailing medical calls where fire fighters, temporarily forbidden to work as paramedics, believed their inability to help hurt patient care in September.”

Macedo’s status as an emergency medical technician has been placed on a one-year probation.

Macedo tells his local newspaper that the union didn’t release any protected information.

“We were trying to give county supervisors and City Council necessary information about what was going on out there without paramedics on the fire truck,” he says. “I’ve never had any disciplinary action on my file and I’ve been on the job almost 22 years.”

Macedo says the investigation of misconduct boils down to city politics and coincides with both fire and police unions involved in labor disputes with the city. Lawsuits are pending over suspended pay increases and budget cut measures without labor agreements.

IAFF members may recall that in October, Stockton’s city manager issued a directive prohibiting fire fighters from selling or giving away pink T-shirts bearing the Stockton Fire Department’s name.

Grievances have been filed over the denial of the fire fighters’ ability to sell the pink T-Shirts to raise money for breast cancer awareness.