Controversial Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made a big splash this morning co-hosting C-NBC’s the “Squawk  Box.”

Walker defended his state’s budget and his decision to ram through a very unpopular collective bargaining bill that led to thousands to protest at the state capital this past winter.

“It is politically bold and thus a political reaction,” the governor said Tuesday in response to the outrage his policy caused.

One of the more interesting parts of Walker’s two-hour television gig came when former Vermont Governor and Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean debated him over the issue of collective bargaining.

Check out this exchange between the two men.

Dean: “I don’t think there’s any magic at giving away collective bargaining rights in order to get where you need to financially.”
Walker: “The key difference is at least in our case you get long-term sustainability. I was a local county official before this, we couldn’t do anything we needed to do to balance the budget and protect jobs. It’s why the federal government doesn’t have it even under President Obama.”
Dean : “I disagree. You can get to where you want to go if you work with people. My guess is you’ve done damage to your infrastructure. You’ve done damage to your political standing because the last poll I saw showed you’d lose to Tom Barrett (mayor of Milwaukee) 50-43 if the election were held today.”

Walker’s television appearance caused some IAFF members to cringe. Just take a look at the comments posted on our Facebook fan page.

I think I just threw up alittle!


Others described Walker’s television appearance as self- aggrandizement.

We will let you be the judge. You can watch videos of Walker this morning below.

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