The path of tropical storm Issac remains unpredictable as forecasters expect for it to remain below hurricane level this weekend.

The Florida Keys remains in direct target of the storm and forecasters predict Issac could reach hurricane strength by Tuesday, affecting the Tampa area.

As a first responder, IAFF members take care of others during emergencies, but the IAFF wants to make sure they are prepared for what’s to come.

The IAFF Department of Fire and EMS Operations/GIS has developed an online incident awareness tool that provides real-time information related to natural disasters and hazards, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, wild land fires or earthquakes.

Users can see the location and determine the scope of tropical storm Issac as it moves through the Caribbean and edges towards the states off the Gulf Coast.

The incident map is updated throughout a 24-hour span and can be found on the IAFF web site. The information used for the incident map uses the IAFF WebGIS server in conjunction with the ESRI ArcGIS Online system and data is aggregated into one mapping system.

You can pan and zoom on the incident map to help track the storm on most laptops, desktop computers and mobile devices.

For an update on the wildfires in states like California and Washington, this online resource will help you track the perimeter of the fire as it nears your location.

Local officers, district vice presidents and IAFF leadership can access more complex maps for specific incidents that may affect the IAFF membership using data collected by the National Weather Service, the National Hurricane Center, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The IAFF Department of Fire and EMS Operations Department has also compiled other resources to help you prepare for a weather related disaster.

You can also review this Hurricane Safety Checklist

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