The people who attack the pay of fire fighters look like this guy — Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute.

Dark suits.  Smug.  “Think Tank” professionals who write things like:

“The biggest problem with the labor market right now is that wages are too high.”

Now he’s not talking about CEOs and Wall Street bonus babies, who just keep making more and more, while cutting more and more workers.  No, Hassett is talking about people who actually work for a living – like IAFF members — who actually spend the money on food, transportation, clothing, housing and all the stuff that makes the economy go around.

And if that weren’t condescending enough, he goes on:

“… the natural reluctance of workers to accept lower pay is amplified by how their wage helps define their identity. A $60,000-a-year office worker might have an extra-hard time coming to terms with becoming a $40,000-a-year worker. “

So, people shouldn’t think of a $20,000 pay cut as an economic crisis for your family — even when it means you just lost a full third of your income — because it really is nothing more than an “identity” problem.

What an a#@.

Tom Petruno in the LA Times has a more intelligent comeback to Hassett’s idiocy:

“… most puzzling is that he says nothing about the risk that his wage-hacking proposal could fuel a broad-based deflation in the U.S. economy…

“Hassett writes about across-the-board wage cuts as if they would magically restore job growth and economic growth with no risk of serious adverse consequences.

“In some parallel universe, maybe?”

Yea, in the universe of screw the workers at all costs – which sadly happens to be the one playing out before our eyes across the U.S.

And the only people fighting the idiotic ramblings of people like Hassett are unions and union members, who, of course, Hassett and friends don’t like, either.

They say you can judge a man by his enemies.  It should be safe to say that this guy should be able to count 300,000 IAFF members as his enemies.