Donations and heartfelt sympathies have been pouring in for the families of two fallen Boston Local 718 members who died in the nine alarm Beacon Street fire. As people continue to pay their respects, there are multiple online scammers ready and willing to take advantage of those who are genuine and want to offer their support during this difficult time.

The Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts and Boston Fire Local 718 are warning the public via social media about those groups who are trying to make a “quick buck” off of last week’s fire tragedy.

One disgraceful group is the Boston’s Fallen Fireman Fundraiser. The group says it is collecting proceeds from T-shirt sales that will be given to the families of Lt. Edward J. Walsh and fire fighter Michael Kennedy. In its advertisement, the scammers stole the logo from the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts website. Ironically, the group can’t even spell fundraiser correctly on its own promotion!

It is easy to sit back and set up a bogus (501c3) organization and collect money online in the good name of fire fighters who take an oath to serve the citizens of their communities with compassion, courage and integrity.

Fire fighters are willing to give you the shirts off their backs — that is if you really want a fire T-shirt that badly you can stop by any fire station.

We find the acts of those who are trying to take advantage of fire fighters in the wake of a tragedy immoral and deceitful. The families who have lost their loved ones don’t need to deal with individuals trying to get rich off their pain.

Please be advised that there is only one official Memorial Fund for the Walsh and Kennedy families through the Boston Firefighters Credit Union. One hundred percent of donations will be given to the families through this fund. You can make a donation here:

In the future, if you have questions on whether an organization is legitimate, please look them up on the Charity Navigator website.