West Virginia workers will lose if Right to Work is passed, allowing out-of-state corporate CEOs to get richer.

The middle class is shrinking, thanks to the greedy corporate agenda set forth by the likes of the billionaire Koch Brothers, who are intent on sending workers to the poor house.

Their latest attempt in West Virginia is shameful – pushing Right to Work legislation and deceptively touting its benefits to citizens – all while knowing it only helps the top one percent in the state and takes rights away from workers!

West Virginia could unfortunately become the 26th Right to Work state, joining Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin to enact the law in the past four years.

West Virginia Senate Majority leader Bill Cole is a big proponent of the bill. He reportedly attended an “ultra-exclusive” meeting the Koch Brothers sponsored where anti-union, anti-worker laws are crafted. Cole needs 18 votes to override a veto by the governor. House approval of Right to Work could come this week. What’s totally unacceptable is that some top West Virginia lawmakers have openly scorned concerned voters over Right to Work. At one hearing, one lawmaker referred to voters who aren’t fooled by this misguided legislation as “free riders.”

The Right to Work bill in West Virginia mirrors model bills promoted by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), which receives a significant portion of its funding from entities controlled or funded by the Koch brothers.

Our members know that Right to Work laws really mean the Right to Work for less.

The average worker in states with Right to Work laws make less compared to workers in other states. In addition, it’s not true that Right to Work legislation will automatically result in companies hiring more workers – there has to be a demand.

Workers in states with Right to Work make $1, 540 a year less, when all other factors are removed, than workers in other states. The median weekly earning of the nation’s 107.9 million full-time wage and salary workers was $790 in the third quarter of 2014, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. In addition, workers in states with Right to Work laws are more likely to be uninsured (16.8 percent, compared with 13.1 percent overall).

More evidence that Right to Work is truly harmful for workers are data that find median household income in states with these laws is $6, 437 less than in other states ($46,402 vs. $52,839).

What’s more incredulous, in some states that are pushing to pass Right to Work laws, our opponents have publicly admitted that Right to Work would LOWER the wages of workers!

West Virginia voters and lawmakers needs to stop this horror show of a bill from passing in their state before it hurts the livelihood of workers.