As the 2012 presidential cycle gears up, some Republican candidates are turning to an opponent of fire fighters to help boost their appeal among conservative voters.

Read this story in Politico about potential presidential candidates seeking an endorsement from New Jersey’s pension busting Governor Chris Christie.

Christie is no friend to fire fighters and other labor unions in New Jersey.

The governor recently held closed talks with mayors and other officials in Camden County to encourage a merger of police and fire departments.

As a candidate for governor, Christie promised fire fighters he wouldn’t alter or eliminate pensions in the state. He’s broken that promise as governor.

Christie loves the spotlight.

He’ll be featured on a segment tonight with ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer and he is expected to discuss his favorite target — the New Jersey teachers’ union during the interview.

Politicians seeking Christie’s support should be careful because IAFF members will be the “real kingmakers” when it comes to deciding the 2012 election.