Pennsylvania joins a growing list of states the Koch Brothers are targeting in efforts to wipe out public employee unions and wages.The billionaire brothers – Charles and David – are pouring money into organizations that are putting pressure on lawmakers to pass legislation, including legislation outlawing dues deduction for public employees; a move designed to cripple public sector unions.Eliminating dues deduction would prevent unions from automatically deducting optional donations and would essentially cause unions to go bankrupt. In essence, it is an attempt to seize the political power of unions and to silence the voice of workers and put them at a disadvantage to the rich and powerful.

There could be no bigger prize than Pennsylvania — a key swing state in presidential elections.

The Koch Brothers have played this game before in Wisconsin and Ohio (with various results) using divide and conquer strategies by carving out exemptions in Pennsylvania for first responders.
Similar efforts are underway in Michigan.

But make no mistake about it, if this piece of legislation moves forward in Pennsylvania it opens the door to crush the rights that labor has fought hard for and destroy efforts to help workers and their families. This is the first step to make Pennsylvania the next right to work state.

Don’t let corporate interests and greedy billionaires set this country back and infringe on your rights. Take a stand.