Ohio has positioned itself as the next battleground state over workers fighting for
collective bargaining rights.Thousands of protesters gathered at the State Capitol in Columbus Tuesday to protest the S.B 5 legislation that would effectively eliminate collective bargaining rights for state workers and restrict rights for local government workers.Tuesday marked the first reading of the bill. However, many public employees found themselves “out in the cold”. Several reports say authorities locked the doors to the statehouse as workers tried to enter claiming safety concerns.The Ohio Association of Professional Fire fighters rallied fire fighters to arrive at the statehouse to help oppose the bill.Local 336 tweeted “Kill the bill! No SB 5!” In addition, Local 336 helped to circulate a petition on Twitter called the Stop the Anti-Collective Bargaining Job Killing Bill in Ohio.

Local 2818 tweeted pictures of busloads of fire fighters from Cleveland making their way to the State Capitol.