The political shenanigans of the Koch Brothers continue to be scrutinized as Democrats and Republicans battle their way to the general election.

The billionaire brothers are the subject of a documentary that shows how money and power can influence and corrupt democracy.

Charles and David Koch run the Kansas-based Koch Industries with subsidiaries based in manufacturing, trade and investments. Revenues for Koch Industries reach nearly $100 billion a year.

It is the second-largest private company in America.

Here’s why everyone should be concerned about what the Koch Brothers are doing politically.

The duo pushes an ideology that best suits their economic interests, helping the 1 percent of Americans stay rich.

The Koch Brothers have used their wealth to push Citizens United, a case that the Supreme Court ruled that allows donors to write an unlimited amount of checks to Super PACs without the pre-text of hiding behind policy-based campaigns.

It has been reported that two Supreme Court justices attended one of the secretive retreats organized by the Koch Brothers before that ruling.

In addition, the Koch Brothers are supporters of the radioactive American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC has been under fire for pushing controversial legislation like Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law and legislation that restricts collective bargaining and project labor agreements. In addition, they’ve supported policies that hurt living wages and other labor standards.

The Koch Brothers are major backers of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is facing a recall election June 5. Walker has reportedly received at least $1.3 million in recall campaign contributions from donors who attended secret fundraisers organized by the brothers.

Let’s not let the Koch Brothers continue to hurt the middle class. Don’t let the Koch Brothers can’t buy America.