It is often said that the best defense is a good offense. And a really good offense takes creative thinking.

Traditional media can be expensive. So when Fall River, MA Local 1314 decided Mayor Bob Correia had to go, they thought a flyover might get the public’s attention.

Correia, who had removed the fire chief from civil service and laid off 44 fire fighters, was running for reelection. He was surprised and shaken when at one of his primary campaign events he noticed cheering and pointing up in the sky.

What he saw made him beet red, and likely contributed to his primary defeat. Local 1314 President Michael Coogan had hired an advertising plane to fly back and forth over Correia’s event with a large banner that read: “Take back Pride City wide vote Bob Correia out Sept. 16.”

Coogan said the plane only cost a few hundred dollars and was seen by thousands of Fall River residents, including an embarrassed and enraged soon-to-be former mayor.