It is no secret that passing Right to Work legislation is a top priority for the Missouri House of Representatives this year.
Right to Work weakens the wages of workers in states. We’ve known all along the true intentions of Right to Work, but lately the opposition’s been bold in admitting publicly their disdain for workers’ rights.In published reports, Senator Ed Emery (R-Lamar) said at a rally that Right to Work would lower the average wage of Missouri workers, but that it would increase the total number of jobs. The sponsor of the Missouri bill – Representative Eric Burlison – and a member of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), echoed the sentiment at a recent House Committee on Work Force Development and Workplace Safety hearing.“If a company hires new employees under Right to Work, there are probably bringing someone in at an entry level, and those people aren’t going to be paid what the long-time union workers are making,” Burlison said. “So yes, the average wage might be going down, but there are now more people in the workforce, and an individual has the right to do whatever is in their self- interest when it comes to work.”

We’ve told you time and again that the average worker in states with Right to Work laws make less income compared to workers in other states. In addition, it is flawed to think if you pass Right to Work legislation that companies will hire more workers – there has to be a demand!

Make no mistake – the law is intended to destroy the power of labor unions. The law guts the voice of workers and tips the power in favor of employers and big businesses.