Labor unions could face bigger battles this year as anti-union groups aggressively push policies across statehouses.

One of those groups, Freedom Works, has raised more than $40 million to attack unions. Freedom Works is affiliated with Tea Party conservatives and supported Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s push to make his state Right to Work late last year.

Freedom Works gets its message out by publishing blogs disparaging unions and pushing claims that paycheck protection laws will benefit workers in Pennsylvania – all of this in an effort to cripple unions and silence workers.

The billionaire Koch Brothers, who poured tens of millions of dollars in anti-union activity, stands alongside Freedom Works. David Koch’s group, Americans for Prosperity, is calling for Right to Work legislation in Wisconsin (after pushing it successfully in Michigan), despite Governor Scott Walker’s public statements that there are no plans to introduce a bill in the state.

Fire fighters have been on guard for the past two years to fight against harmful policies that would negatively impact their political speech and activity.

We must stay the course and continue to be on guard because our political opponents are playing to take us out of the game.