Public employees are not feeling any “holiday love” this season as some political leaders continue to use them as scapegoats in efforts to cut pension plans.

Last night, 60 Minutes reported a segment on state budgets and the financial dire straits many are experiencing.

Illinois and New Jersey served as the poster children for financial dysfunction.

In the 13 minute segment, your public pension plans and benefits were cited as one reason for the out of control deficits.

Gov. Chris Christie took some jabs at public employees in the broadcast by saying his state’s financial crisis is a “benefits problem, not an income problem.”  He also took a pot shot at public unions (you should watch for those remarks around the eight minute mark).

Christie said to reporter Steve Kroft, “We got to change those benefits.”

No union representative was interviewed for the 60 Minutes story.

It is no secret that Christie has declared war on public employees and unions in his state.

Union supporters have long pointed out that New Jersey’s financial quagmire can be blamed on state leaders. For the past decade state benefit programs have been underfunded, they said. In addition, supporters said some state and local employees are barely making ends meet and would be compensated more handsomely if they lived in other areas of the country.