Seminole, Florida fire fighters want to display the American flag on fire rescue vehicles.

However, a resident(s) stands in their way, complaining about where fire fighters place flags on fire trucks.

According to a Tampa Bay Times report, the dispute has been going on for several months starting after fire fighters put American flags on rescue vehicles.

The flags weren’t placed in the manner set forth in the Flag Code, which states it should be “fixed firmly to the chassis or clamped to the right fender.”

A resident complained about the improper display and city administrators ordered the flags removed and asked city employees to develop a plan that complied with the Flag Code.

However, according to a fire rescue spokesperson, no one did.

A few weeks ago, a city employee put an American flag back on another fire engine. The resident complained again.

This time a plan got underway.

Someone described the situation on Facebook and it was reposted. As word spread through the social network, supporters of fire fighters gathered, waving flags for an hour near a local fire station.

They say that fire fighters should not be told they can’t fly flags.

A city spokesperson says if fire fighters submit a plan that falls under the Flag Code, then the city will consider it.

Has your fire station ever faced an issue like this? How would you address the flag issue if this happened in your community?