The next application period for SAFER should open within the next few weeks.

There is a lot of coordination that needs to occur during the application period, but I also want to emphasize the need to coordinate before and at the time of award.  Unfortunately, between the time of application and award many things can occur, sometimes creating doubt as to whether or not your department will accept the award if given the opportunity.

Keep that in the forefront of your minds as the need for communication and planning shouldn’t stop after you submit your application.  Also, for those that do receive an award, remember that waivers are in place that do not require your department to maintain SAFER funded personnel after the 24-month period of performance.  Act now!

Take the opportunity over the 24-month period of performance to prepare, get involved and work to ensure your staffing levels do not fall back to pre-award times where safety and health can be compromised due to insufficient staffing.