Baseball season means swings, hits and misses.  Sometimes a fastball, sometimes a curveball, but both sides should be prepared to play ball and know what is expected of each player.

Writing grants follows a similar process, but unlike the batter, the fire service grant writing team knows what to expect in the grant application.  FEMA has released the “Get Ready Guide” which provides details on writing your grant application and what information will be required.

Think of these documents as your spring training and begin writing and developing your narrative and identifying the sources of needed information.  Now is not the time to strike out and discover that the finance manager is on vacation the week the grant is due!

IAFF Grants Administration staff is available to assist with developing your applications, and our staff has plenty of experience assisting IAFF locals with successful “home run” applications.  We know our members are not professional grant writers and aim to make the process as transparent as possible.

The best applications come from a labor, management, and grant writer partnership, so this is a great opportunity to engage the administration and build a successful bridge that can be leveraged in the future!

We expect SAFER FY13 to open later this month or early August.  Start now and get ahead of the rush while our staff has plenty of time to provide customized assistance.  Please contact us with any questions or assistance @ 202-824-1575 or [email protected].