During his tenure as Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney proved he does not support fire fighters and paramedics, promoting policies that resulted in budget cuts to fire departments and raising fees.

The Republican candidate for president is not a fan of public sector unions, saying at one point during his campaign “We don’t need more teachers, fire fighters or police.”

Now in a questionnaire he completed for the Fraternal Order of Police, Romney says he will oppose expanding collective bargaining rights for public workers if he is elected president.

“I disagree with the Fraternal Order of Police on this point. As I noted above, I believe that labor unions — including public employee unions — can be constructive forces in our communities and I would look forward to working closely with them as president. But it was President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who observed that ‘the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service.’ I agree with this view, and I would not support an expansion of collective bargaining rights for public employees.”

Also in the questionnaire, Romney says he supports defined contribution plans.

Take a moment to read the questionnaire and check out this fact sheet the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts (PFFM) produced about the Romney they know– the Romney who did not make life better for fire fighters and other public employees and who wants to take his platform nationwide.