Supporters of ‘Right to Work’ laws are gathering signatures in the Buckeye State in efforts to get it on a statewide ballot for the 2014 elections.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the group Ohioans for Workplace Freedom has 200 people collecting signatures of the state’s registered voters who would like to see the issue in 2014 as a citizen-initiated constitutional amendment on the ballot.

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom must collect 385,247 valid signatures by next year, along with a minimum amount from 44 of 88 counties.

Twenty-four states have passed right to work laws. While Right to Work bills are nothing new, legislation has gained traction since 2011 in states that in part have not faced serious threats.  ‘Right to Work’ legislation was rammed through the Michigan Legislature at the end of last year. The Center for Media and Democracy finds at least 15 states have debated ‘Right to Work’ legislation this year with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) behind the scene to quietly pushing efforts.

Right to Work laws weakens the power of unions, lower wages and living standards for all workers.

Workers who live in ‘Right to Work’ states earn an average of $5,680 less a year than workers in other states.

The labor community will do all it can to stop ‘Right to Work’ in its tracks in Ohio just as we did with the SB5 fight and preserved collective bargaining rights for fire fighters and other public employees.

‘Right to Work’ means the right to work for less and that’s not what we want to see for Ohioans.