A “Right to Work” ordinance was recently defeated  in Delaware’s Sussex County.

 Our political opponents have embarked on a national strategy to introduce “Right to Work” to towns and municipalities — promising jobs and economic growth. However, we know that “Right to Work” is a way to suppress the wages of workers and to be able to have a voice in the workplace.

 In Sussex County, the threat of litigation and court costs associated with the ordinance was reason enough  for members of the city council to defeat the issue.

 In question, proponents of “Right to Work” cited a county-level right-to-work ordinance passed in Warren County, Kentucky, in 2014. Other Kentucky counties then followed suit, leading labor unions to file a federal lawsuit. A U.S. District Court judge struck down those local laws, but his ruling later was overturned by three judges on the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.”