The Recognition of EMS Personnel Licensure Interstate CompAct (REPLICA) legislation is a serious threat to IAFF affiliates and EMS providers in general. REPLICA negatively affects EMS jobs and wages and compromises the quality of care citizens receive in their communities.
The National Association of State EMS Officials (NASAMSO) has touted REPLICA as the “next big thing” and in most cases state officials have not totally understood the ramifications of the CompAct on local budgets and procedures. REPLICA has been promoted as a tool to help states improve access to care and help agencies regulate services when responding to emergency incidents across the US. However, it does the exact opposite. REPLICA opens the door to low quality care for communities and takes jobs away from EMS personnel everywhere.

The IAFF believes REPLICA is bad for EMS and public safety because of the following:

  • REPLICA provides no improvement in the public’s trust or safety. Legislation establishes an out of state commission with a taxing authority. REPLICA takes away state’s rights to be transparent about services and provides no checks and balances of oversight.
  • REPLICA puts unprecedented pressure on local and state budgets because of the unknown financial liabilities that come with joining the CompAct.
  • REPLICA does not TRULY increase access to EMS services – as ambulances can’t cross state boundaries, only personnel are provided for in the CompAct.
  • REPLICA will FACILITATE a means of SELF DEPLOYMENT creating confusion and chaos over established protocols and procedures. With EMS personnel traveling from different states to provide services, REPLICA sets the precedent that different levels of care could be established on scene by personnel.
  • REPLICA legislation appears to duplicate practices and procedures that many states have established and actively support. For example, in Louisiana REPLICA would cause the state to incur more debt for a military provision that is already ESTABLISHED by law under the Louisiana’s Military Relief Act.
  • Under REPLICA, an individual can commit a misdemeanor in their HOME state and cross into a CompAct state where the same infraction is considered a felony without any imposed limitations on their ability to provide service.
  • REPLICA states a public hearing regarding rule adoption will occur only if 25 people or a governmental sub-division request it. This model will be funded with public dollars – the IAFF believes this should be open.
  • REPLICA lacks an overall communications inter-operability, vehicle licensing for public agencies across state lines or of ability to assure proper quality control.
  • REPLICA is a veiled attempt to remove the voice of EMS personnel regarding the issues of workplace protection and patient care.