Fire Fighters are under enormous political attack across the country as their jobs and salaries are being threatened.

More than 160 Detroit fire fighters were targeted for layoffs this month just days before the City was awarded a $22.5 million Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant. The grant is expected to save 100 jobs.

In Scranton, Pennsylvania fire fighters are now being paid minimum wage thanks in part to a mayor and City Council that are at odds over how to raise City revenue.|

Meanwhile, fire fighters in the Midwest and East Coast have been fighting wildfires and responding to communities ravaged by powerful storms.

As IAFF members continue to serve and protect their communities while facing numerous threats and challenges, we asked IAFF members on Facebook, “Why are you proud to be a first responder?”

Here’s what they shared.

“As the old T-shirt says, “If I have to explain – You’d never understand,” it’s not a job; it’s a way of life. We few – we lucky few…”

“When people are out of choices, and they don’t know how to get out of the jam they are in…I can hopefully do what they couldn’t. That is a really good feeling!”

“It’s a job that’s given from above so we can help and serve our communities.”

“I am proud to do my job because it allows me to serve my fellow man, and with my brothers and sisters, set a positive example in the community.”

“Doing the job since 1969.”

“I’m proud that I’m not a scumbag politician. ALL career politicians are blood sucking scoundrels who are on the take of big business.”

“It’s not a job, it’s a calling…like one of my academy chiefs said, ‘If this was easy, everyone would do it!”

“I love getting up in the morning and knowing I’m going to the best job in the world.”

“Never a dull moment.”

“I get the first chance of anyone to take someone’s worst day and make it better in some shape or form. Then get to go home feeling like I really made a difference.”

“I’m a fire fighter simply because I like to help people. It’s the American way!”

“Helping others in a time of need is a rewarding feeling.”

“In Scranton, PA it’s because we like abuse.”

The IAFF is very proud of the hard, dangerous work that its members do every day to keep their communities safe.