The Professional Firefighters of New Jersey is hitting the campaign trail for gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono.

Fire fighters are participating in a bus tour to help get out the vote in the Garden State. The PFANJ was one of the first labor unions and first public safety union in New Jersey to endorse Buono.

The PFANJ on a limited budget looked for ways to get its message out to as many people as possible.

“The bus ‘route’ spot was the best bang for our buck,” says PFANJ President Dominick Marino.

The message that the IAFF and PFANJ are supporting Barbara Buono for governor is on 50 buses traversing the state daily.  “We have a four week window, so it will be out there every day, all through the state right up until Election Day on November 5,” says Marino.

Buono stands for every middle class working family and she has stood up for fire fighters, emergency medical personnel and all first responders. She is the anti-thesis to Governor Chris Christie, who has attacked unions and first responders since he took office, and has vowed to continue his aggressive attacks on wages and benefits over the next four years.

New Jersey fire fighters are taking home less income today than they did four years ago before Christie took office. The state’s pension system continues to be underfunded and retired members receive no COLA benefits. Health care costs to fire fighters have skyrocketed and workers who are part of the pension system are paying more towards their portion, all the while the state continues to underfund the system.

“We continually have to remind the legislators and citizens that we are not eligible for Social Security benefits. Our pensions are our only retirement income,” Marino says.