A fire department’s controversial decision to allow a rural Tennessee home to burn because a family didn’t pay for services has sparked a national debate.

On Tuesday, IAFF’s General President Harold Schaitberger condemned the policy of the city of South Fulton in Obion County.

At issue is the former home of Gene Cranick.

The home owner says he forgot to a pay a $75 subscription fire service fee. Cranick lives outside of the South Fulton’s city limits and is required by law to pay the annual fee. While speaking with 911 Cranick offered to pay all expenses for the fire department to save his property. But his request was refused.

Instead, fire fighters responded to a call from Cranick’s neighbors (who paid the fee) and worried that the fire would spread to his home. Once they arrived fire fighters were not allowed to save Cranick’s home.

The issue is hitting home with fire fighters.

Many of you are commenting on blogs such as the Fire Critic expressing how you would have responded if placed in a similar situation.

Should South Fulton change its policy so fire fighters can do their jobs?

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