We’ve seen all types of union busting tactics over the past two years, but North Las Vegas ranks high on the shenanigans. City officials there are declaring a state of emergency to avoid honoring the collective bargaining agreements and paying public workers the salaries they deserve.

The City, with a population of 223,394 citizens, says it is on the brink of financial disaster.

City officials blame years of declining property taxes and growing expenses for the decision to invoke a rarely used state law that would allow for the suspension of union contracts and scheduled increases for public worker salaries.

Some West Coast cities that faced similar financial troubles faced legal ramifications when they declared financial disaster.

Union supporters describe the step that North Las Vegas has taken as being highly unusual. They also blame City officials for damaging the reputation of public workers during the economic downturn. Some IAFF members have reported that their cars have been vandalized and decals have been stripped because of the demonizing of public workers in the City.

Union supporters say that North Las Vegas won’t be able to defend the emergency designation in court.

The IAFF’s North Las Vegas Local 1607 has done its part to speak out on behalf of public workers.

North Las Vegas is Nevada’s fourth-largest city and sits in the Mojave Desert bordering the north and east of the most populous city — Las Vegas.

Is North Las Vegas really on the road to financial ruin or is this another way for cities to turn their backs on public employees?