Ohioans spoke with a clear, concise voice rejecting Issue 2 last night.

It is a tremendous victory for labor unions everywhere and is testament to the hard work and dedication of Ohio fire fighters and public workers who demanded a voice in how their futures are shaped.

Ohio showed politicians that public workers can’t be silenced and gives plenty of momentum as we prepare for 2012 and to continue to fight political attacks on our members.

When employers refuse to negotiate work place issues and other concerns — the consequences ultimately lead to an unsafe and unhealthy work environment.

Ohio Governor John Kasich said after Issue2’s defeat that, “It’s clear the people have spoken. I’ve heard their voices, understand their decision and I respect what the people had to say.”

Issue 2 can serve as a lesson for radical governors like Scott Walker, Rick Scott, Chris Christie, Rick Snyder, and Paul LePage — you can’t demonize public workers and attack their rights, benefits and pensions.