We’re in the final days of our SB5 fight and our Ohio fire fighters have worked hard to have their voices heard on an incredibly important issue.

General President Schaitberger will join Ohio fire fighters this weekend to encourage all IAFF members and their families to campaign in their communities to help get citizens to the polls to Vote No on Issue 2 on November 8.

Issue 2 truly undermines public safety.  Under Governor John Kasich’s union-busting law, management can refuse to negotiate a long list of workplace issues, including safety, deployment and operations.

Under Issue 2, certain subject areas can’t be negotiated under any circumstances, including health care benefit costs and the number of workers required to be on duty or employed in any department of a public employer.

Hear the stories of Ohio fire fighters about how Issue 2 affects them.

Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters (OAPFF) President Mark Sanders says Ohioans will suffer under SB5  with 51,000 jobs lost – meaning fewer fire fighters and paramedics responding to emergencies.

Ohio fire fighter military veterans say they are stunned to learn that Ohio politicians used SB5 to take away their voices.

What happens in Ohio has major national implications.

Ohioans must use their citizen’s veto to vote no on Issue 2.