Fire fighters and EMS workers are deemed among the happiest professionals in the world. In addition, fire fighters rank as one of the most respected professions.

But, Career Cast web site says being an EMT is “not a cool job” for 2011. The web site has released its pick of best and worst jobs of the year, which was republished on Forbes Magazine web site.

Career Cast says, “EMT’s have considerably better hiring prospects, but rank in the bottom 10 due to harsh working conditions, high stress and inexcusably low pay given the extremely important nature of the work.”

Not cool? Our members don’t work as hard as they do to be cool. Your work saves lives.

And if you are looking for a fire fighter/paramedic position, the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department in Virginia is seeking applications for fire fighter/paramedics. Go to our job center to get more information.