IAFF affiliates are standing up to the political shenanigans that are threatening their rights, benefits and retirement security.

The Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters, Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire, Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union and the Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma are among the many IAFF affiliates fighting back.

Using print, radio and television, IAFF members are showing the public who the real enemies are in this economic struggle.

The Ohio Association of Professional Fire Fighters ran print ads in the Columbus Dispatch, the Cleveland Plain Dealer and the Cincinnati Enquirer to urge voters to oppose SB 5, a bill that severely weakens collective bargaining rights in the state. It also introduced a 30-second video.

In Oklahoma, fire fighters are standing strong against tactics to change their bargaining rights. The Professional Fire Fighters of Oklahoma released this ad asking the public to encourage legislators to vote against Senate Bill 826 that would change the labor union bargaining process between city governments and police and fire departments.

In Arizona, fire fighters are battling vicious attacks, including SB1609, a bill that threatens their pay and benefits. Arizona fire fighters released this video and have developed a web site to dispel myths about public safety workers’ salaries. In addition, Tim Hill, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, outlines the political threats facing fire fighters in the state and the outreach being done to gain both public and legislative support.

The legislative assaults are coming fast and furious in the state of Michigan, where the Michigan Professional Fire Fighters Union is responding to Governor Rick Snyder’s plan to combine police and fire services. Snyder continues to use bad political strategies to divide and conquer public unions.

Public employees are being politically persecuted in New Hampshire this legislative season after the House Finance Committee approved changes to collective bargaining laws that would turn all public sector employees “at will” when their contracts expire.

The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire has released radio advertisements to air across the state to have their voices heard.

Florida fire fighters are also under attack by the state lawmakers who want to stop dues deduction and strip away collective bargaining rights for unions that fall beneath a certain membership level. The Florida Professional Firefighters responded to the political attacks by releasing this advertisement.

View this video released by the Redwood City Fire Department featuring testimonials from community members about the important work fire fighters perform every day. Fire fighters plan to have the clip shown in local theaters before movie trailers.

Wherever they happen, and however long it takes, the IAFF will continue to defend its members against these attacks and fight to keep what this union has worked hard to achieve.

Keep us up to date on how you are fighting these politically-motivated attacks – email [email protected] Also, be sure to visit the IAFF Fighting Back web site at www.iafffightsback.com