Written by IAFF Health and Safety Staff

The IAFF Honor Guard and Massed Pipe & Drum Band continues to grow with more than 900 members participating in the annual Fallen Fire Fighter Memorial ceremony in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  To maintain the solemnity of the ceremony and to ensure the quality of the band, new ground rules have been established.  These ground rules also address some concerns that have arisen over the years.

As an IAFF Union Memorial, all members of the honor guard and massed pipe & drum band must be members in good standing, or had been a member in good standing at the time of their departure/retirement from the fire department. Since some bands allow civilians and/or sworn public safety officers, they must have written permission from the Local honor guard commander or pipe major, to the IAFF Pipe Major or IAFF Honor Guard Commander, acknowledging that said person will represent the Local prior to the event.  Additionally, all individuals participating in the Memorial events must be registered.

Other rules cover alcohol, buying and selling items from the various bands, trailer and tent locations.  Additional items addressed are drum major commands and the limiting of bass drums to one per participating band.

To view the new pipe & drum and honor guard ground rules visit: http://www.iaff.org/hs/ffm/PDF/Ground_Rules.pdf